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Roof Repair and New Roof Installations
Our work is fully guaranteed with new roof
installations covered for 15 years

Our Roofing

New Roofs

Roofs usually come with a lifespan of over 60 years before it should be replaced. Getting a new roof can be daunting and expensive if not done correctly the first time round. Thats why Superior Roof Company Ltd provide you an experienced, reliable and professional roofing service. Our roofers provide the highest quality roofing services, cost-effective and provide a long-lasting roofing option. Our team keep the disruption to your home down to a minumum, tidy up afterwards and provide clay and natural slates for you to choose from with a variety of aesthetics. New Roof Installation with 15 Year Guarantee!

Roof Repairs

We provide a fast, effective and reliable roof repair service for your home. From leaking roofs to necessary repairs to keep your home secure from the elements. Water ingress can also lead to rotten roof beams, battens and damage to the roof felt beneath the tiles or slate.

Superior Roof Company Ltd provide a fast, cost-effective and thorough roof repair service throughout West London and surrounding areas Whether you need us to fix broken tiles, slates and even major emergency repair work. We have the experience, skills and tools to replace rotten battens, old roof felt or even a full new roof. All our work is carried out by professional roof installers and the work is fully guaranteed.

Flat Roofs

If you’re looking for a quality flat roofing solution thats made to last, we are experts when it comes to flat roofing. The UK tend to use felt roofing applied with hot bitumen. You will see this on garages and flat roof extensions, problem with this is its life span of only 15 years. We provide a longer lasting solution through EPDM rubber. Theres no nails, no seals to fail and can ensure that your flat roofing lasts for over 60 years. Rubber and fibreglass combined offer a water-resistant and long lasting roofing solution.

Roof Cleaning

Specialists in roof cleaning and moss removal for your roof. Bring your roof back to life and ensure that your roof remains effective in protecting your home. Removing moss and other debris from your roof can improve the longevity of your roof